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Why Buy a SoundMint Music NFT?

Why Buy a SoundMint Music NFT?

1. A deeper connection to the music - NFTs bring back a closer connection between artists and your listeners. Fans are no longer just streaming music from a Spotify playlist, they truly own something that the artist has created. That’s powerful.

2. Exclusive rewards and access - The artist can offer VIP rewards to their closest fans. For example, the artist could let their NFT holders hear a new single before anyone else. They could give them access to a private Discord channel. They could also give them free tickets or early access to tour dates.

3. The ability to invest in your career

The earliest supporters might want to be part of the artist’s journey and career. By purchasing an NFT in the early stages of the journey, they can grow with the artist. The NFT might even increase in value.

What does someone actually own when they buy a SoundMint NFT?

On SoundMint, when you buy an NFT, you get non-commercial rights to use the music from that NFT. In other words, they can put it on a YouTube video without it getting striked. However, you can’t go out and sell it as you own track and generate revenue from it. And they have no publishing or recording rights to the artist’s wider music catalog.

You own a collectible version of the music.

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