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What makes our music NFTs special?

Why is the SoundMint model special?

With generative NFTs, you can own a truly unique 1/1 track from your favorite artist.

Every single NFT that comes out of the SoundMint algorithm is different. But it still sounds like the artist you love.

On top of that, each one comes with a unique visual identity that you can use as your profile picture or display in a metaverse gallery. Each visual has a different set of traits and rarities so you can find your favorite versions and trade among other fans. We think this model generates a strong network effect and community.

Even better, the SoundMint model focuses on accessibility. Some music NFTs start at $300, while 1/1s can cost more than $3,000. We care deeply about bringing web3 music to as many people as possible, so the entry price for a SoundMint NFT is typically .15 ETH.

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