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Step 3: Minting your first SoundMint NFT

Read this guide and learn how to mint the first of many SoundMint Digital Collectibles.

Congrats on funding your MetaMask wallet!

SoundMint doesn’t announce the drop date until the day of or the night before. To prepare for Mint day:

  1. Join our Discord community ASAP via
  1. Turn on your notifications for the announcements channels on Discord
  1. Once we formally announce our drop, head over to the Mint Page on our website, follow the prompts on the site, and mint your first SoundMint NFT 🎉

How do I buy the Kaien Cruz NFT?

Now you’ve got a wallet set up and some ETH ready. You’re almost good to go.

You just need to connect your wallet to SoundMint. It’s super easy:

  1. Hit ‘connect wallet’ at the top of our website.
  1. Choose MetaMask (or another supported wallet if you prefer).
  1. MetaMask will ask you if it’s okay to connect. Hit ‘connect.’

You’re ready to buy!

Security tip: always double check you are connecting to our official website. Only is the correct URL.

Did my purchase go through?

After you mint a SoundMint NFT, you should see your transaction ‘confirmed’ in MetaMask. It may also display ‘pending’ or ‘failed’ depending on the status.

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